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Standard Grant Final Report Guidelines

Our final report process has two parts.  First, we ask that you complete a financial report that shows how the grant money was spent and submit that at the end of the grant period.  Second, after submission of the financial report, NWFE staff will schedule a call to discuss how your grant met the goals and objectives you set forth in your proposal, how your organization navigated challenges and opportunities and any other feedback you would like to provide. There is no written report required.

Final Financial Report

The final financial report should be submitted at end of project or support period.  For multiyear grants, submit at the designated dates for interim reports and at the end of the project for the final report. All funds for the grant period must be expended prior to submission of the final financial report.  Please send all financial reports by email; a hard copy is not necessary.  Reports should be no longer than 1 page, excluding any supplemental budget documents.

Required information for the final financial report:

  • Organization name, full address, telephone, FAX, and e-mail contact numbers
  • NW Fund grant amount
  • Project name
  • List of all private and public grants which supported the project  – with dollar amount
  • Final expense report.  This should present information in three columns.  The proposed original budget in the first column (this should mirror the final project or operating budget approved for your proposal).  The actual expenditures in the second column and the difference (plus or minus if any) in the third column.  Please explain any major differences between your proposed and final budgets.

Final Report Conversation

A final report conversation will be scheduled by NW Fund staff in the weeks following the submission of your final financial report.  The purpose of this conversation is to help our staff evaluate the grant.  Prior to the conversation we ask that you review the questions below and be prepared to discuss your answers with our staff:

  1. Using your proposal as the guide, please describe the outcomes of your project.
  2. Were there any significant departures from the work or staff plan originally outlined? If so, why?
  3. Please share with us the lessons learned – positive or negative – from this grant.
  4. What is your vision of this endeavor over the next few years? Any plans for expansion? Has it come to a close?
  5. Was this grant helpful in attracting additional support (volunteers, members, money, goods, services, or publicity)?
  6. What comments, suggestions, or critique do you have about working with the NW Fund?
  7. Any additional relevant information or news?

The final financial report must be submitted and the final report conversation must be completed at least one month prior to submitting a new request for funding.