Community Response Fund

The Fund will be reviewing its process for Community
Responsive Grants in 2024. Please check this site for updates.

The Community Response Fund (CRF) is for work being done that enhances the greater objectives of our Growth Management and Aquatic Ecosystems programs. With this program, the Foundation aims to honor and sustain the rich history of grassroots engagement in our state and support the movement for environmental justice. We recognize the interconnectedness of all environmental issues and encourage applicants to share how their work connects to our grantmaking through the lens of Water (salt or fresh) or Land Use.

We invest in local community based organizations that are often the first to see, experience and understand environmental needs, threats and trends, but they may lack the resources of larger organizations to respond.

Coupled with this, we aim to amplify the voices of historically marginalized communities. To this end, we encourage proposals that will grow the base of environmental advocates and empower communities of color working on solutions to local environmental issues.

 The Community Response Fund is for grants up to $3,000 for one year.

Sample Activities

  1. Lead community engagement on a proposed plan, vision or process.
  2. File lawsuits or comments to stop proposed projects or activities that violate local, state or federal environmental regulations pertaining to aquatic ecosystems, land use or native species.
  3. Support leadership development and organizing capacity, particularly in under-resourced communities.
  4. Support for: trainings, list-building, canvassing and developing and implementing communications needs.

Likely Candidates

  • Community-based, locally-focused organizations
  • Organizations led by and based in communities of color
  • Applicants with a need for one-time funds for a discrete project
  • Organizations piloting new projects, seeking small start-up funds

While we do not place limits on the size of organizations seeking CRF grants, our priority is smaller, community based and/or volunteer-led groups. State and national organizations are strongly encouraged to look at our standard grant program for support.


The Fund will be reviewing its process for Community
Responsive Grants in 2024.