2024 Grant process has been started!

Grantees will be receiving an email soon, so watch out for it!

Checks should arrive in about 2 weeks or somewhere before April 14, 2024. So watch out for that as well. Send us an email when you receive the check since we are using a new system to distribute the checks. Check our ‘Recent Grants’ menu for the 2024 list.

Transition at the NW Fund for the Environment

Our long-time staff Pam Fujita-Yuhas and Zoe Rothchild bid farewell effective December 31st, 2022. Please read the letter from our Board President, Paul Kampmeier below for more information.

The NW Fund for the Environment will not be accepting applications for its standard or community response fund grants for the foreseeable future.  All grants will be foundation-directed and grantees who have ongoing multiyear grants or have recently received NW Fund grants will be contacted with status updates in the first quarter of the new year.

The Fund made grants in 2023. The complete list is under our Recent Grants tab.

From Paul Kampmeier, President, Board of Directors

January 1, 2023

Grantees, Colleagues and Friends of the NW Fund for the Environment,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the NW Fund, I am writing to share the news that after over two decades of dedicated service to the Foundation, Pam Fujita-Yuhas and Zoe Rothchild have decided to resign as Foundation Directors to explore new paths and opportunities.  They will be officially stepping down at the end of December.  We are deeply indebted to them for the passion, commitment, skill and experience they brought to the grantmaking and operations of the NW Fund. As we look back over our time together, we know you share our gratitude for the long and deep partnerships they developed in their work with all of you and the Board is excited to continue to build on their wonderful legacy going forward.

With the upcoming departure of Pam and Zoe, we expect that many of you will have questions about the future of our grantmaking programs and our work in Washington State.  I want to reassure you that the Board of Trustees is committed to continuing to make grants in 2023 and beyond.  The Board is developing a grantmaking plan for the coming year and we plan to share more information on our website and via email in the coming months as we consider how best to meet our staffing, administration and programmatic needs.  In the meantime, Pam and Zoe will be reaching out to our current grantees to complete final report evaluations due this year and to provide updates on reports due in 2023 and beyond.  I encourage you to reach out to them directly to convey your questions and best wishes.

While this change represents a significant shift in staffing, the work and mission of the Fund – to protect and preserve the environment of Washington State and support the organizations and communities engaged in that work – will not change.  We look forward to continuing on that journey with all of you.

With gratitude,

Paul Kampmeier


Board of Trustees

NW Fund for the Environment