Eligibility & Limitations


  • We only make grants for work that benefits Washington State.
  • We only make grants to nonprofit organizations classified as 501(c)(3) public charities by the Internal Revenue Service. We do not make grants to individuals or for-profit organizations.
  • We do not make grants intended to support proposed legislation or candidates for political office.


We DO NOT fund the following:

  • Endowments or capital campaigns
  • Debt reduction or loans to organizations
  • Capital projects, such as building acquisition or construction, large equipment purchases or vehicle acquisition.
  • Land acquisition
  • Structural on the ground restoration, such as tree planting, culvert removal or invasive species removal. (We will consider funding policy, advocacy, and legal work related to restoration but not the work itself.)
  • K-12 educational activities
  • Organization of, scholarships for, or support of public conferences, as distinct from invited meetings or convening of groups engaged in related efforts
  • Youth group support
  • Production of videos for the general public
  • Museum displays
  • Art projects, including performances; visual art projects and arts education
  • Partisan political activities
  • Academic scholarships or fellowships
  • Academic research
  • University overhead costs
  • Field research (except when an integral part, but only one component, of your work)