CRF Final Reports

Submit at the end of the project or by the date on the Final Report Guidelines you received with your check, whichever comes first.  All funds for the grant period must be expended prior to submission of a final report.  If you are submitting an application for CRF funding, final reports must be submitted at least one month prior to the CRF application deadline.  If you need an extension to complete grant activities or to submit your financial report, please contact NWFE staff prior to the final report due date.  Please send all Final Reports by email, a hard copy is not necessary.

What To Include

Basic identifying information

  • Organization name, full address, telephone, FAX, and e-mail contact numbers
  • NW Fund grant amount and award date
  • List of all private and public grants which supported the project or endeavor, their source and dollar amount
  • Project director(s) Include information on any changes in personnel that occurred during the course of the grant.
  • Final expense report.  Did your actual expenses differ from those in the project budget you submitted?  If there were variations, please explain them.

Additional Questions

Please briefly answer the following questions, in order (no longer than 2 pages):

  1. Using your CRF proposal as the guide, please describe the outcomes of your project.
  2. Please share with us the lessons learned – positive or negative – from this grant.
  3. Was this grant helpful in attracting additional support (volunteers, members, money, goods, services, or publicity)?
  4. What comments, suggestions, or critique do you have about working with the NW Fund?
  5. Any additional relevant information or news?