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Charitable Grants 1998


1000 Friends of Washington
Sprawl Watch Reportcard and Growing Smart Conference


Taking the Initiative for Livable Transportation

American Lands Alliance
Public & Private Forest Protection in Washington State


American Rivers

Instream Flow Restoration Project- Pacific Northwest Office

Cascadia Times Research Fund

Support for Investigative Reporting on environmental issues affecting Washington

Center for Environmental Law and Policy

’98-’99 Public Trust Litigation Project

Chinook Trail Association

The enhancement of the Hardy Creek Chum Salmon spawning grounds and development of a volunteer recruitment program

Columbia Basin Institute
Environmental Justice Program:Part of “Factories in the Field”


Confederated Tribes/Umatilla Indian Reservation
Home for the Salmon – Waykaanashmiyay Nishaycht

Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
Washington State Salmon, Forest, and Water Protection Campaign

Energy Outreach Center
Challenging Sprawl in Wash. State – Produce & Distribute a Sprawl Costs Us All report

Environmental Support Center
Organizational Management Assistance for Grassroots Enviro Groups in Washington State

First Nations Development Institute
Sustainable Forestry Fund ( for Indian tribes)


Friends of Skagit County

Defend GMA Hearings Board Order regarding Skagit County’s compliance with the GMA

Friends of the Columbia River Gorge
New Campaign for the Columbia River Gorge


Friends of the Earth

Dam Removal and River Restoration Project

Government Accountability Project

The Crisis in Accountability at Hanford

Green Cross

Outreach to the Evangelical Community in Washington State

Inland Empire Public Lands Council

Get The LEAD Out!

Jefferson Land Trust

North Quimper Peninsula Wildlife Corridor: Landowner agreement Phase

Kettle Range Conservation Group

Wild Washington Campaign

Land Trust Alliance

NW Land Trust Conference & Training Session

Mason County Community Development Council

Mason County Growth Management: Making it responsive and responsible

Mineral Policy Center

Washington State (based) Mining Reform Initiatives

National Audubon Society

Landowner Landscape Plans – Public Participation Compoment

National Wildlife Federation
(Cooperative Work on) Habitat Conservation Plans in Washington State

Northwest Earth Institute
Washington Outreach Project: General Support of NWEI’s Washington Operations

Northwest Eco-Building Guild

Organizational Development Effort

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance $12,000
East-of-the-Cascades Work support and Membership Development/Retention

Northwest Environmental Advocates
Washington-State based work to urge enforcement of TMDL standards under terms of Clean Water Act

Northwest Wilderness and Parks Conference
National Wilderness Conference 1998 – support/emergency grant request

Okanogan Highlands Alliance

Challenge Washington’s First Proposed Large-scale Open-pit Cyanide-leach Gold Mine

Olympic Environmental Council
Coalition Participation in remediation and restoration on natural resources damaged by landfills & the Rayonier PA Mill

Technology Support for Washington Conservation Groups

Oregon Natural Desert Association

Tracking the ICBEMP Project: Keeping Up the Pressure

People for Puget Sound


Predator Project, Inc.

Roads scholar project: Reduce open road miles in Colville National Forest

Puget Sound Farm Trust

Legal Appeal to GMA Hearing Board of King Co. Comprehensive Plan Amendment to allow sports field uses of resource lands

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Citizens’ Pollution Detection Project

RE Sources
Whatcom Waters Program

River Network

Build up the River Legacy Project in Washington State

Rivers Council of Washington

Watershed Council Outreach Program
Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland
Development of a community-based strategic plan

Surfrider Foundation

Campaign to Save Washington’s Beaches

TACS/Training Resources for the Environmental Community

Support to Continue “Building Up” Environmental Non-Profits serving Washington

Washington Environmental Council

The ESA Window of Opportunity: Improving Protection for Fish & Wildlife on State & Private Forests

Washington Toxics Coalition

General Support for their strategic advocacy, consumer campaigns, educational materials, and alliance work

Washington Trout

Tracking Fisheries Policy Development in Washington State: Year Three

Washington Wildlife and Recreation Foundation
Great Outdoors Washington 2010

Washington Wildlife Federation 
Inland Empire Salmon and Steelhead Advocacy Project

WASHPIRG Foundation



General Support for Work in the State of Washington

Western Environmental Law Center

Confined Animal Feedlot Pollution Control Project / also New Member Development

Western States Center

New Initiative to better combat growing problems of hostility and isolation of environmental advocacy organizations

Willapa Alliance
Willapa Water Quality & Productivity Plan