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Charitable Grants 1997


American Rivers
Water Quality-Water Quantity Project

Cascadia Times 
Support for Research & Coverage of Washington issues

Cascadia Times
Environmental Issues Affecting the State of Washington: Financial Support

Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Public Trust Litigation Project: Year Two

Chehalis River Council

Friends of Grays Harbor Legal Defense Fund: Relocate the Prison and Save the South Shore

Citizens for a Healthy Bay

Preservation Priorities for Commencement Bay: Making the Natural Resources Damage Assessment restoration plan work

Columbia Basin Institute

Environmental Justice Program for Workers, Farmers, and Communities in the Basin

Columbia-Pacific Resource Conservation & Development

Campaign for Watershed Reinvestment through Restoration

Community Coalition for Environmental Justice

South Park – Georgetown Environmental Justice Project

Desktop Assistance
Develop and Implement e-base for Pacific Northwest Environmental Non-profit Organizations

Chinook River Restoration Program

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics

Landslide Lessons: Research & Advocate for improved methods of forest logging road construction

Friends of the San Juans

Litigation:Halt Subdivision on Edwards Reef/ San Juan Island

Friends of the Trail

General Support: Trail clean-up Work in King County

Government Accountability Project

Oversight, Dispute Resolution, Public Interest Coordination of DOE Operations at Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Green Fire Productions

Outreach Video Project- Protecting NW Forests(Westside – all coast)

Inland Empire Public Lands Council
Get The LEAD Out!

Inland Northwest Land Trust
Threads of Hope for Land Conservation in Greater Spokane

Institute for Washington’s Future

Rural Voice Project

Kettle Range Conservation Group

Columbia Highland/Kettle Range Ecosystem Protection and Defense Effort: Action on Public Lands Management Issues

Kiket Bay Organization

Legal Costs:Expert Witnesses Opposing Atlantic Salmon Net Pen Aquaculture Permit(s)

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon

Handford Reach: Washington State’s Next Wild and Scenic River

Mason Conservation District

Dewatto River Salmon Habitat Enhancement Partnership

Mineral Policy Center

Northwest Circuit Rider Program

NAS/Celebrations Conference

Training and Celebration Conference for NW Enviromental Nonprofits

National Audubon Society

Landscape Management Plans – Public Participation Component-Washington State Office

North Central Wash. Audubon Society

Winter Wild Animal Surveys – Snow Tracking

Northwest Earth Institute

Outreach in Washington State in1997; create an effective Seattle office

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance

General Support for protecting Washington’s large ecosystems thru integrated strategic advocacy work

Okanogan Highlands Alliance

Challenge the proposed Battle Mt. open-pit cyanide-leach gold mine sited in the mineral-rich Okanogan Highlands

Olympic Peninsula Foundation

Washington Smartwood Initiative, Assessor Training


Support for training, consulting, and equipment deployment services in 1998 to conservation orgs. in Washington State

Oregon Natural Desert Association

Eastside Ecosystem Defense: Providing Expertise on Forest & Rangeland Grazing to CR Bioregion Campaign

Pacific Rivers Council

Chinook Salmon Briefing Book: A Companion to an ESA Lawsuit

People for Puget Sound

Marine Waters Grassroots Organizing Project

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Citizen Enforcement of Clean Water Act

RE Sources

Whatcom Waters Marine Water Quality Education and Protection


Defense of Forest Resource Lands & Master Planned Resorts GMA Board and legal decisions in re Kittitas County

Rural Clark County Preservation Association

Emergency Appeal of overturn of Growth Management Hearings Board decisions affecting Clark Clark and the state of WA

Sierra Biodiversity Institute

This State’s unprotetcted wild places- a multiple ownership approach to inventory ,ranking, & protection of habitat

Sierra Club Foundation

Cascade Checkerboard Project

Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund

Washington State Water and Salmon Protection Campaign

Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland

Membership Challenge Campaign and Operational Support

TACS/Training Resources for the Environmental Community

Intensive technical assistance & fundraising help: Diversify ,stabilize non-profit enviro orgs. in Washington

Tahoma Audubon Society

SEPA and Plan Challenge of (Mt. Rainer) Park JunctionPartners resort proposal

The Nature Conservancy
Hanford Rare Plant Monitoring and Conservation Project

Washington Conservation Voters/WEAVE
General Support for all strategy and technology-based programs WEAVE operates

Washington Environmental Council

Forest and Wildlife Program: Ecosystem Mgt. Efforts; Improving the Process, Improving the Product

Washington Toxics Coalition

Toxic Reform Campaign Phase II

Washington Trout

Tracking Fisheries Policy Development: Year Two

Washington Water Trails Assoc.

Building Stewardship: Broadening Boaters’ Environmental Ethic

Washington Wildlife and Recreation Foundation

Developing Support for Land Conservation with Non-Traditional Constituencies

WASHPIRG Foundation

WashPIRG’s Toxic Use Reduction Program

Waste Action Project

Dairy Compliance Project

Western Ancient Forest Campaign

Protecting Eastside Washington Forests: Redirect ICBEMP process to achieve a better EIS

Willapa Alliance

1997 Strategic Planning & Organization Development Initiative

Wise Use Movement/WEC

1997 Washington Corporate Responsibility Project