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Charitable Grants 2000

1000 Friends of Washington

Grassroots Outreach Program

Cascadia Times Research Fund

Investigative Journalism for the Environment of WA State

Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Focus on Instream Flows: Litigation Work

Citizens for a Healthy Bay
Citizen Representation and Involvement under the Clean Water Act and Superfund Law in South Puget Sound

CommEn Space
GIS Data Support and Monitoring for Puget Sound Conservation
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
Washington State Salmon, Water and Forest Protection

Environmental Media Services

Washington State Media Trainings, Campaigns, and Advisory Clinic

Fiber Futures

Dream As Reality: Closed-Loop Paper Production Using Agricultural Residues

Friends of Clark County

Smart Growth/ Smart Community

Friends of the Columbia River Gorge

Organizing for Plan Review of the Management Plan of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area

Friends of the Earth

Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Project

Friends of the Hylebos Wetlands

Save the Hylebos

Friends of the San Juans

Shoreline Preservation Project

Government Accountability Project
Hanford Oversight Program

Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation
Brookside Creek Headwaters Protection Project

Land Trust Alliance

Support of the Northwest Land Trust Conference

Mineral Policy Center
Washington Mining Reform Initiative 2000

Northwest Environmental Advocates
Environmental Restoration Project

Ocean Advocates

Protecting Puget Sound’s largest Herring Population Through Legal Action

Okanogan Highlands Alliance
Challenge Washington State’s First Large Scale, Open-pit cyanide-leach Gold Mine

Pacific Biodiversity Institute
The Wildland Information Network and Technical Support to Wild WA Campaign

Pacific Crest Biodiversity Project

Protect and Restore National Forests in Western WA

Pacific Rivers Council

Watershed Conservation in the Northwest

People for Puget Sound

Recovering Puget Sound’s Endangered Bottomfish

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Puget Soundkeeper Project

RE Sources

North Sound BayKeeper

RE Sources

RFP for Improvement of Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring in Puget Sound

River Network
The Hoh River Conservation Corridor: Creating a Salmon Sanctuary

Sustainable Fisheries Foundation
Environmental Advocate to the Greater Lake WA Watershed (WRIA 8) ESA Response Steering Committee

The Land Conservancy

Foothills Forest Conservation Initiative

The Lands Council
Get the LEAD Out!

The Trumpeter Swan Society
Hines Marsh Restoration Project
The Wilderness Society
Change Detection Analysis in the Cascade Crest

Thornton Creek Legal Defense Fund

Thornton Creek South Fork Restoration at Northgate Mall

Transportation Choices Coalition

“Triple Win” Transportation Reform

Washington Environmental Council

Using Clean Water to Focus the Salmon Lens

Washington Toxics Coalition

Outreach and Advocacy for a Healthy Northwest

Washington Trails Association

Fair Trails Coalition

Washington Trout

Washington Trout Wild Salmon Legal Protection Strategy

WASHPIRG Foundation

Campaign for a Toxic Free Future

Western Environmental Law Center

Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Pollution Project