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Annual Report 1999

by Hellmut Golde, President

1999 was a year of change for the Northwest Fund.

In the summer, Gayle Rothrock decided to step down as Fund Administrator, a position she had held for five years. Gayle felt it was important to focus her attention on her recovery from back surgery and new career opportunities closer to her home in Tacoma. She will be missed not only by the Northwest Fund Board, but by the whole environmental community in the State of Washington. I am sure that her advice and counsel will continue to be sought.

We were lucky to engage Zoë Rothchild as part-time Fund Administrator. She had previously worked for the Washington Water Trails Association and has become a great asset to the Fund after a very short learning time. Pam, who was Deputy Fund Administrator under Gayle Rothrock, and Zoë are working together as a great team, and we agreed that they should share the Fund Administrator position as equals.

At the Fund’s annual meeting in December 1998 the trustees began discussions of alternatives to our traditional grant making activity. These discussions led to the decision to award one three-year grant of $50,000 per year to one environmental organization. Candidates were to be nominated by Northwest Fund board or staff members. The overall objective of the grant is to enhance the stability of the selected organization and to reduce its dependence on general foundation support.

Four organizations were nominated, and it was difficult for our trustees to make a selection among them. After a long discussion, the award was made to the Kettle Range Conservation Group in Eastern Washington. The trustees were impressed with the organization’s mission and long record of successfully confronting environmental issues in a difficult political climate. Our officers and staff will work with the organization to devise a workplan for the first year.

This year, two of our long-term trustees will retire from the board: Kara Kondo, chair of our Grants Committee, and Walt Walkinshaw, our Secretary. We will miss their contributions and guidance over many years. In addition, Shirley Muse resigned from the board because of scheduling conflicts, and Helen Golde resigned after one three-year term. Our bylaws specify that two members of the Golde family be on the board; Helen will be replaced by her sister Chris Golde. She is an Assistant Professor of Educational Administration at the University of Wisconsin.

I would like to welcome three additional new board members: Jeb Baldi, an Environmental Advocate in Ellensburg, Parrish Jones, a Certified Public Accountant in Seattle, and Tom Scribner, an attorney in Walla Walla. They will provide additional strength to our board.

Finally, I say good-bye as President of the Northwest Fund. After three enjoyable years, I am turning over the presidency to Roger Contor, who has been a wonderful board member for several years and will ably guide the fund into the new millennium. Rick Leaumont and Kim McNamara will continue as Vice President and Treasurer, respectively. Lora Brown will fill Walt Walkinshaw’s position as Secretary.

Financial Highlights -1999

Total Assets $10,200,000
Operatng Expenses $ 80,000
1999 Grant Awards [48] $ 510,700

Special Support Grant up to $50,000

Kettle Range Conservation Group
Republic, WA