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Annual Report 2009



2009 Message from the President of the Board of Trustees


While we began the year braced for more economic hardship, we were pleasantly surprised by the gains in the stock market which allowed for us to have a more robust round of giving then we had initially anticipated. We had the inaugural year of our Community Response Fund (CRF), which resulted in 9 grants to communities across the state. We were pleased by the response and hope for the program to grow in the coming years.


Recognizing that the financial crisis for our grantees was straining capacity, we surveyed our grantees to assess their financial health and their most pressing organizational needs. We then entered into a partnership with Executive Service Corps to provide a range of services for a number of our grantees. Upon completion of the work we will gauge if we still see a need for this in 2010.


In the spring we welcomed our newest Trustee Ann Grodnik. Ann is a public finance expert and is well versed in sustainable development. We are excited to have her expertise and knowledge in these troubled financial times. In December we said goodbye to Trustee Carol Bernthal whom we thank for her service and wish her well.


On behalf of the trustees and staff of the NW Fund, I want to thank all of our grantees for their efforts to protect and conserve the natural resources of Washington State particularly in these trying times. 



David S Mann, President