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Annual Report 2004

2004 Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

December 2004 marked the second year of our new program areas for Aquatic Ecosystem Protection and Growth Management. This focus on program areas has allowed us to concentrate resources and build expertise both within the foundation and among our grantees. We used these program areas to continue our support for strategies and projects that leveraged timely, broad impacts on environmental law and policy for the long term.

We also completed the last phase of our internal restructuring of our grantmaking process. We have lengthened the duration of our grants from 12 months to 16 months, increased the size of our maximum grant to $40,000, and revised the final report procedure for grants that have been completed. These changes accomplish three goals: 1) to ensure that the work that is proposed can be accomplished and evaluated prior to grantees submitting new grant proposals; 2) to more closely align the Board’s evaluation of final reports with the Board’s evaluation of grant proposals; and 3) to clarify our forms and procedures for grantees

These changes are reflected in the guidelines and information found on our website. The Trustees agreed that the extension of the grant period, increased funding level limits, and updated forms will work in concert to improve our evaluation process and set clear expectations for grantees’ work in the future. I would like to thank Dave Mann, Chris Golde and our staff for their work in leading us through this process.

On behalf of the entire board, I would also like extend our heartfelt thanks to retiring trustees Kim L. Moore and Tom Scribner. Kim served as our Investment Liaison for two terms, overseeing a number of transitions in management and custody of the Fund’s investments during a challenging period for all foundations and non-profits. Tom’s legal expertise and knowledge of Eastern Washington issues was also a tremendous asset to the board. They will be missed. And we hope some day they will come back to the Board.

As we say goodbye to Kim and Tom, we also welcome three new trustees to the Fund: Sandy Moore of Colville, Jill Silver of Port Townsend, and Paul Lindholdt of Spokane. Sandy joined us in mid-year and Jill and Paul will begin their terms in January.

I would like to close by thanking all of our grantees for their continued dedication and efforts to protect and preserve the natural resources of Washington.

Rodney L. Brown, Jr. President