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Annual Report 2002

The Year 2002

2002 was a gratifying year of giving for the Northwest Fund for the Environment. Of many meritorious proposals, we continue to look for and find quality proposals with wide benefits for our environment, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our environmental community.

With the new year, we initiated several changes to our grantmaking. Under the able leadership of current Grants Committee Chair Chris Golde, and former Grants Committee Chair Carol Bernthal, we’ve streamlined our proposal process, and narrowed our scope to two key program areas.

Our new program areas are: Growth Management and Aquatic Ecosystems Protection. This focus is based on recognition that growth management, and particularly the management of land and water use, have an inordinate influence on our environment. And in the Northwest, the fish, wildlife, plants, and scenic values in our aquatic ecosystems are highly prized and also highly affected by growth.

Regrettably, the economic downturn of recent years has caught up with the Northwest Fund. Reluctantly, in 2003 we are reducing our funding cycles from two to one, and our grants distribution will also be reduced. Be assured, however, that while we must adjust our giving, we are keenly aware of the financial needs of the community and are making changes with care. Since competition will increase with reduced funds, we encourage our applicants to consult with our Administrators Pam Fujita-Yuhas and Zoƫ Rothchild to get the best information on proposal design.

Finally, it is our pleasure and privilege to work with highly committed Trustees and staff. Particular recognition goes to outgoing Trustees Lora Brown, Jeb Baldi, and Shirley Nixon, whose contributions have been invaluable. To Kim Moore, our Finance Committee Chair, our appreciation for her work to assure the Fund’s fiscal health. To former President Roger Contor, our gratitude for years of service and valued guidance. And a welcome to our new Secretary , Trustee David Mann .

Your colleagues,

Derek Poon, President
Rod Brown, Vice President