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Annual Report 2001

The Year 2001

By Roger Contor, President

The Northwest Fund for the Environment continued in its role of helping to protect and improve environmental conditions in Washington State during 2001. The following list of charitable grants speaks for itself as the product of much dedicated deliberation by the Board of Trustees.

What doesn’t show is the many worthy grant requests which we were unable to fund. That inability is always the hardest part for any foundation. The financial world continued to wobble on shaky legs for all philanthropical organizations during 2001. We can only be thankful the Northwest Fund withstood the situation reasonably well. The year 2002 will see us continue in our role still leaner, but still in good health.

During the year great effort was made by the Board to improve our grant making process. Carol Bernthal and Chris Golde chaired a subcommittee which looked at manifold ways to carry out the mission of the Fund by making the best possible grants, with a more efficient process for both grant seekers and the Board. Changes will likely be announced in our website next year. Grant seekers should double check before drafting new requests.

Kim McNamara and Carol Bernthal completed their six year cycle at year’s end, and stepped down from the Board. After being privileged to serve on the board twice in the past eight years, I am resigning to pursue other personal goals.

We have some exciting newcomers joining the board in 2002: Michael Fraidenburg of Olympia–biologist and process consultant; Shirley Waters Nixon of Port Angeles–attorney with special strength in marine law; and David Mann–Seattle Attorney and former President of the Washington Environmental Council.

Derek Poon will take over as President. Rodney Brown will be our new Vice President. We are delighted that Lora Brown will continue as Secretary, Parrish Jones as Treasurer. The Fund is in good hands.

Financial Highlights – 2001

Total Assets $7,100,000

Operating Expenses $108,000

2001 Grant Awards (31) $378,425