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2013 Charitable Grants

Standard Grants

American Rivers
Yakima River Restoration Campaign

Center For Justice
Spokane River Water Quality Protection

Columbia Riverkeeper
Clean Water Columbia

Earth Economics
Incorporating Natural Capital Values in Local Land Use and Conservation Policies

Friends of the Earth
Puget Sound Clean Vessels Project

Protecting Farms, Forests and Shorelines in Washington State

Gifford Pinchot Task Force
Mount St. Helens Protection Project

Okanogan Highlands Alliance
Ensure that water quality laws are implemented regarding the Buckhorn Mine

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Puget Sound Leadership, Stormwater Regulation and Clean Water Act Enforcement Project

Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition
Leveraging Columbia-Snake Stakeholder Collaboration for Washington Salmon, People and Rivers

Washington Environmental Council
People For Puget Sound Program

Wild Fish Conservancy
Watertype Advocacy Project; DNR Aquatic Lands HCP and EIS Review

Wild Salmon Center
Promoting Best Science to Protect Washington Coast Shorelines

Community Response Fund

American Whitewater
Conservation of Snohomish Basin Rivers

Columbia Institute for Water Policy
Spokane River Toxics Litigation Project

Friends of Grays Harbor
Changing the Conversation for Talking Crude

Friends of the San Juans
Protecting the San Juan County’s Natural Shoreline Functions and Habitats

Olympic Environmental Council
Reviewing Technical Reports for the Port Angeles Rayonier Mill Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Pacific Rivers Council
Columbia River Treaty Workshop

Protect the Peninsula’s Future
Exemptions from CAO

Washington Wild
Generate and Manage Grassroots Opposition to Proposed Mt. St. Helens Mine

Discretionary and Special Initiative

American Rivers
Buckly Dam Advocacy

Columbia Riverkeeper
Organizing Against the Vancouver Tesoro Facility

Total           $232,000