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2010 Annual Report

2010 Message from the President of the Board of Trustees


Despite continued economic challenges and decreases in funding in both the public and private sector for environmental issues, we were heartened by the resilience and continued good work of our grantee organizations around the State.  We saw an increase in inquiries and applications to the Community Response Fund (CRF).  The Trustees continue to view these community-based efforts as a critical part of our overall grantmaking strategy in our program areas.   

The Board also decided to continue our successful partnership with 501 Commons (formerly Executive Service Corps of WA) to provide capacity building support to our grantee organizations.  In 2010, through their volunteers, 501 Commons provided assistance to 8 grantee organizations covering a range of needs from financial management to human resources to fundraising.  We are looking forward to working closely with them to provide additional assistance to our grantees in 2011.

We were also pleased to collaborate with The Bullitt Foundation and The Russell Family Foundation in an all day convening of organizations working on the issue of Stormwater. We have seen an increase in communication among participants and we remain committed to helping foster greater coordination in this arena. 

Finally, 2010 also marks the end of my nine years of service at the Fund and the end of my term as President.  Serving as President of the Fund has been a great privilege.   Looking back on my time at the Fund, I am particularly grateful to the Trustees and staff for their commitment to community engagement demonstrated through their support of such efforts as our multi-year grant for increased planning capacity for the Shoreline Master Program updates and the CRF program.   As I leave the foundation, I am pleased to announce that Sandra Moore, who served as an officer of the Fund for the past four years, will succeed me as President.  Sandy brings a wealth of experience in science, environmental issues and community service to her new role.  I know the Fund will continue to do good work under her leadership. On behalf of the trustees and staff of the NW Fund, I want to thank all of our grantees for their efforts to protect and conserve the natural resources of Washington State particularly in these trying times. 



David S Mann, President